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  • Enjoy effortless and hassle-free transactions from the convenience of your own home.
  • Eliminate the need for venturing outside or making trips to physical establishments, as all operations are seamlessly carried out online.
  • With our swift and effective system, you can obtain a sum of ₱ 10,000 within a mere four minutes, directly deposited into your bank account.
  • Bid farewell to the requirement of guarantors, intricate paperwork, or substantial deposits.
  • Our fully automated service presents itself as the definitive answer to all your financial requirements.


Experience the convenience of an Instant Online Loan, an innovative installment credit solution with flexible and convenient repayment terms.

  • Choose from a range of repayment options spanning three, four, five, or six months, tailored to suit your financial needs.
  • Access loan amounts ranging from 10,500 to 25,000, ensuring you have the necessary funds to meet your requirements.
  • Benefit from competitive interest rates of 11.9% per month, ensuring affordability while keeping your financial well-being in mind.
  • Rest assured with a maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) capped at 143%, providing transparency and peace of mind throughout your loan tenure.

Representative example:

If you opt for a PHP 20,000 loan and select a six-month repayment plan, you will enjoy the benefit of affordable monthly payments of only PHP 5,000. Moreover, your total loan expense will amount to PHP 2,383 per month, keeping in line with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 143%.

Online Loans in the Philippines

In the pursuit of financial stability, individuals from all walks of life often strive to achieve it, despite the traditional wisdom of cost-cutting and avoiding loans. However, loans can serve as a valuable tool in improving one's financial standing when employed judiciously. For instance, utilizing a loan to invest in professional growth or acquire new skills can yield long-term advantages. Conversely, loans driven by consumerist tendencies or leisurely pursuits can erode financial equilibrium. The crucial factor lies not in the mere existence of loans but rather in their prudent utilization. Wise loan management can pave the path towards financial independence, while imprudent loan usage may lead to financial downfall.

How do Instant Loans Work in the Philippines?

Within the rural regions of the Philippines, accessing traditional banking services can prove challenging, leaving a significant portion of the population devoid of conventional financial options. This presents a two-sided predicament as individuals are often compelled to journey to bustling urban centers, only to contend with crowded banks and sluggish service, courtesy of extensive customer queues and protracted documentation procedures. Conversely, procuring an online loan provides a swift and attainable solution, demanding solely a valid identification document and proof of income. Merely establish an account on a dedicated online platform, furnish the requisite documentation to establish creditworthiness, and receive a prompt decision within minutes. Given the Philippines' noteworthy internet penetration rates, online loans have emerged as the preferred choice for pressing financial exigencies. They offer unparalleled convenience and speed, eliminating the need to traverse great distances to distant banking establishments and endure protracted queues.

Are Online Loans Legit?

In the realm of online lending, not all companies adhere to legal standards, making it crucial to exercise caution. Legitimate online lending companies must undergo registration with the SEC and maintain a physical office in the Philippines to operate lawfully. However, certain unscrupulous lenders function exclusively through online platforms, exploiting customers through unethical practices. When searching for instant online loans, distinguishing between authorized and unauthorized lenders can prove challenging. To guarantee your collaboration with a legitimate lender, it is advisable to verify their information on the SEC website. As an illustration, Digido (a valued partner of ours) stands as a fully licensed entity with SEC Registration No.: 202003056 and Certificate of Authority No. 1272. Prioritize diligent research to ensure your association with a reputable online lending institution.

What are Online Loans?

Attaining financial independence necessitates meticulous strategizing and unwavering discipline, yet unforeseen expenditures have the potential to derail even the most well-crafted financial blueprints. During such circumstances, seeking assistance in the form of loans from friends, family, banks, or lenders may become imperative. While banks typically offer favorable interest rates and flexible loan terms, the process of securing a bank loan can prove daunting, laden with various obstacles. Hence, individuals often explore alternative avenues like lender loans or online loans. Online loans emerge as a convenient solution for those seeking rapid financial aid, eliminating the need to leave the comfort of their homes or engage in exhaustive comparisons for the best available option.

Online loans give a slew of irresistible features for a prospective borrower:

  1. Explore a range of loan options effortlessly from the comfort of your home or office, thanks to online lending platforms.
  2. Enjoy unparalleled convenience as online lenders operate round the clock, ensuring access to loans at any time.
  3. Experience a straightforward documentation process for online loans, with minimal requirements and no collateral or guarantor needed.
  4. Benefit from an automated system that handles loan evaluation, decision-making, and fund transfer efficiently and fairly.
  5. Rest assured that your financial information remains private, eliminating the need to disclose details to a banking professional.
  6. Complete the loan application and receive funds within hours, earning online loans the reputation of "Same Day Loans."
  7. Marvel at the impressive approval rate of 90% for online loans, distinguishing them from certain banks that engage in cross-selling practices.
  8. Embrace the versatility of online loans, which can be utilized for any purpose you desire.
  9. Stay organized by utilizing online loan management tools that simplify the tracking of loan payments.

The convenience and accessibility of online loans in the Philippines have sparked a significant surge in their popularity. This emerging financial solution entices individuals with its streamlined application process, demanding only minimal documentation. Notably, online loans present an alluring option for Filipinos, even those with less-than-perfect credit histories, thanks to their impressively high loan approval rate. Moreover, the swift disbursement of funds further amplifies their appeal, making online loans an attractive choice for those seeking prompt financial assistance.

How to Take an Instant Loan Correctly and Profitably?

The allure of obtaining rapid funds through a seamless online loan procedure can be enticing, prompting certain individuals to rely on these loans for every financial need without careful deliberation. However, adopting such an approach without due consideration can lead to financial turmoil, ultimately culminating in a cycle of indebtedness.

Below are the crucial points in securing the right loan:

  1. Embrace honesty as your guiding principle when applying for loans. Providing accurate information about your financial history is essential, as falsifying details may prompt lenders to conduct hard credit checks, negatively impacting your credit score and jeopardizing future loan opportunities.
  2. Avoid the detrimental mistake of applying for loans from multiple lenders simultaneously. Each credit check can potentially lower your credit score, so it's wise to limit such inquiries.
  3. Dedicate ample time to thoroughly compare different lenders, ensuring you find the best loan option available. Patiently shopping around will enable you to make an informed decision.
  4. Develop a robust repayment plan to honor your loan obligations promptly and in full. Failure to make timely payments or missing payments altogether can harm your credit score and hinder your chances of securing favorable loans down the line.
  5. Prior to finalizing any loan agreement, exercise due diligence by meticulously reviewing and comprehending all loan documents and terms. It is crucial to have a clear understanding of your obligations and responsibilities before proceeding.


Loans possess a dual nature, akin to a two-edged blade. On one edge, they serve as a catalyst, empowering you to achieve your aspirations. Conversely, when mishandled or obtained recklessly, they have the potential to ensnare you within a web of indebtedness. The crux of harnessing the potential of loans lies in comprehending your financial circumstances and devising a meticulous strategy. By thoughtfully evaluating your requirements and exercising prudent judgment, loans can metamorphose into a priceless instrument, propelling you towards the realms of financial liberation.

Our Partners:

Kviku Lending Co. INC.

18A Trafalgar Plaza, 105 H.V. Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village Makati City, the Philippines SEC Registration No. CS201918702.
Certificate of Authority No. 3169
NPC Registration No. PIC-001-791-2021


SEC Registration No. 202003056. Certificate of Authority No. 1272

Representative example:
You apply for PHP 20,000 and choose repayment over 6 months, your monthly payment will be only PHP 5,000 per month, your total cost of the loan will be PHP 2,383 per month (APR = 143%)

MoneyCat Financing Inc.

Address: Unit 1701 Tycoon bldg Pearl Drive st. Brgy San Antonio Ortigas Center Pasig City, ph 1800. Certificate of Authority To Operate Number: 1254 granted by the Securities & Exchange Commission

Fill out an online loans registration form and you can get up to 20,000 PHP on your account. MoneyCat Financing Inc. gives you an opportunity to take loans from reliable credit partners. To get a loan you need to provide: any document, phone number and bank account in your name.


is a brand of the company Fininity Ltd (registration number: 14523902, address: Tartu Street 84a, Tallinn, 10112, EE.)

This site is not a financial institution, bank, or lender. This site finds loans for customers, acting as an intermediary between a client who is looking to take a loan and a licensed financial institution. It is not responsible for any loan agreement. This website does not charge a service fee, nor is it responsible for the actions, inactions, or interest rates of any lender. You are never under any obligation to use the service, initiate contact, or request credit with any lenders this site connects you to.


is a brand of the company Fininity Ltd (registration number: 14523902, address: Tartu Street 84a, Tallinn, 10112, EE.)

This site is not a financial institution, bank, or lender. This site finds loans for customers, acting as an intermediary between a client who is looking to take a loan and a licensed financial institution. It is not responsible for any loan agreement. This website does not charge a service fee, nor is it responsible for the actions, inactions, or interest rates of any lender. You are never under any obligation to use the service, initiate contact, or request credit with any lenders this site connects you to.

Material disclosure

APR Disclosure: Delving into the realm of loans necessitates a keen assessment of the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). This vital metric encapsulates the interest that shall accrue throughout the loan tenure, encompassing the loan amount, accompanying fees, and proposed repayment schedule. Notably, loan APRs display substantial variation contingent upon the loan type and lender, with cash advances commanding the highest rates (reaching up to 1386%), while personal loans span a spectrum from 4.99% to 450%. Prior to inking a loan agreement, it remains imperative to meticulously scrutinize the APR alongside other pertinent loan terms, for lenders are legally obligated to furnish this information. Do bear in mind that APR rates remain susceptible to fluctuations, thereby emphasizing the importance of vigilance as they may evolve over time.

Material Disclosure: The entity operating this website assumes a distinct role, functioning neither as a lender, intermediary, nor representative of any lending institution. Instead, we serve as an advertising platform that facilitates connections between potential borrowers and qualified participating lenders. These lenders have the capacity to offer loan amounts ranging from ₱10,000 to ₱25,000 for cash advances, up to ₱100,000 for installment loans, and up to ₱500,000 for personal loans. It is essential to acknowledge that not all lenders can extend these precise loan amounts, and the acceptance of any loan offer is not guaranteed by any participating lender.

Our services should not be construed as a solicitation or entreaty for any illicit loan products. We do not present a specific loan proposition, and no binding commitment to provide loans is established. Our platform neither endorses nor imposes charges for any services or products, and any remuneration received solely pertains to advertising services furnished by participating lenders. It is important to note that this service and offer are null and void in prohibited areas. We lack authority over the actions of any lender and cannot be held accountable for their conduct.

We do not possess comprehensive details about your loan, including the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). For more information regarding your loan, including specific loan terms, interest rates, renewal options, payment particulars, and potential consequences of missed payments, please directly communicate with your lender. By submitting your registration information on this website, you acknowledge that it may be shared with one or more participating lenders. Utilizing our service does not impose any obligation upon you to initiate contact with a lender, register for credit, apply for any loan product, or accept a loan from a participating lender. Repayment terms, cash transfer durations, and adherence to local regulations may vary among lenders. Faxing of documents may be required in some cases. These disclosures are provided solely for informational purposes and should not be construed as legal advice.

Credit Implications: The operator of this website does not make lending decisions; rather, it connects you with independent participating lenders who may evaluate your creditworthiness and credit history through credit checks with reporting agencies or by acquiring consumer reports from alternative sources. By providing your information, you give consent to these participating lenders to verify your details and credit history. The loans offered by the lenders in our network are designed to provide short-term financial relief and should not be viewed as a long-term solution for debt. It is crucial that you only borrow an amount that you can repay on your next payday. We advise seeking professional financial guidance to understand your needs, associated risks, and alternative options to short-term loans. Failure to make timely loan payments may result in additional fees, collection efforts, or both. Each lender operates under their own terms and conditions, so we strongly recommend reviewing them for further details. Non-payment of a loan may lead to collection activities. Each lender has a unique policy regarding loan renewal, so please review your lender's policy before proceeding.